Collection: Genderqueer

Genderqueer pride clothing & accessories

Celebrate the rich tapestry of genderqueer identity with our exclusive collection. From pride outfits to funny shirts, phone cases, watch bands and merch, each piece is a vibrant expression of diversity. Inspired by the genderqueer flag, our clothes defy traditional norms, proudly displaying symbols of nonbinary and non cisgender people. Our items amplify the message of inclusivity, making a bold statement for the LGBTQ community. 

What is the meaning of 'genderqueer'?

In the LGBTQ+ community, "genderqueer" is a term that describes a gender identity falling outside the conventional binary of male and female. Individuals who identify as genderqueer reject or challenge traditional societal norms and expectations related to a strict binary understanding of gender.

They often embrace a non-binary identity, which means their gender does not align exclusively with being male or female. This self-identified label allows individuals to express a gender experience that feels authentic to them, incorporating a range of gender expressions that may include a combination of masculine and feminine elements or extend beyond these binary concepts.

The term "genderqueer" is inclusive, encompassing a diverse spectrum of gender identities that deviate from the binary norm. It emphasizes the fluidity and variability of gender experiences, acknowledging that gender is a complex and individual aspect of identity.

Respecting the preferred pronouns, which may include gender-neutral terms like they/them or other chosen pronouns, is essential. Understanding and affirming genderqueer identities contribute to fostering a more inclusive and accepting environment within the LGBTQ+ community, recognising the uniqueness of each individual's gender journey.