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Agender pride clothing & accessories

When browsing our agender pride collection, you're not just selecting shirts, merch and home decoration – you're celebrating a gender identity that deserves understanding and respect. Embrace your journey, empower your style and explore our items adorned with the agender flag.

What is the meaning of 'agender'?

In the LGBTQ+ community, "agender" is a term used to describe a gender identity characterized by the absence or lack of a specific gender. Agender individuals may not identify with any gender or may experience a gender identity that is neutral, undefined, or outside the conventional binary of male and female.

Key aspects of agender identity include:

  1. Absence of Gender: Agender individuals do not feel a connection to any particular gender. This may mean they don't experience a sense of being male, female, or any other gender.

  2. Gender Neutrality: Agender identity often involves a sense of neutrality or a lack of gendered characteristics. Agender individuals may not conform to traditional gender roles or expectations.

  3. Self-Identification: Agender individuals may use various terms to describe their gender identity, such as genderqueer, non-binary, or simply agender. The emphasis is on self-identification and the right to define one's own gender experience.

  4. Respecting Pronouns: Respecting the pronouns that agender individuals use is crucial. Pronouns may include gender-neutral terms like they/them or other pronoun sets preferred by the individual.

Understanding and acknowledging agender identities contribute to creating a more inclusive and affirming environment within the LGBTQ+ community. It is important to respect individuals' self-identified genders and use language that aligns with their unique experiences of gender or lack thereof.