Collection: Abrosexual

Abro pride clothing & accessories

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our abrosexual collection. From pride outfits to phone cases and merch, each piece mirrors the vibrant essence of abrosexuality, featuring the distinctive watermelon colours of the abrosexual flag. Express your fluid identity through our funny shirts and hoodies. Wrap your wrist with watch bands that symbolize the spectrum of love. Our accessories complete the ensemble, allowing you to embrace your individuality authentically. 

What is the meaning of 'abrosexual'?

"Abrosexual" (short: abro) is a term that describes a fluid or changing sexual orientation. Individuals who identify as abrosexual may experience shifts or changes in their sexual attraction over time. The prefix "abro-" comes from the Greek word "abros," meaning "delicate" or "versatile." While not as widely recognized or defined as some other sexual orientations, abrosexuality emphasizes the fluid nature of attraction.

Key aspects of abrosexuality include:

  1. Fluidity: Abrosexuality is characterized by a fluid experience of sexual attraction. Individuals may find that their attractions to different genders or expressions change, shift, or vary in intensity over time.

  2. Variability: They may experience periods of attraction followed by periods of reduced or no attraction. The specific nature of these variations can differ among individuals.

  3. Inclusivity: The term "abrosexual" is inclusive and allows individuals to describe their unique experiences of sexual attraction without adhering to fixed labels.

It's important to note that language around sexual orientation is diverse, and new terms may emerge as individuals seek to express their experiences more accurately. Respecting and understanding the terminology people use to describe their identities is crucial for fostering inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community.