Collection: Demiboy

Demiboy pride clothing & accessories

Step into the world of demiboy pride with our exclusive collection, a celebration of demimale identity. Explore our diverse range of clothes, phone cases, watch bands and merch inspired by the demiboy flag, crafted for those embracing the demigender spectrum. Our designs resonate with the strength and resilience of demiguy individuals, making a unique statement of identity. From powerful shirts to home decor blankets. Embrace your unique journey and wear your true colours with confidence.

What is the meaning of 'demiboy'?

In the LGBTQ+ community, a "demiboy" is someone whose gender identity is partly associated with being male but does not fully align with conventional male gender norms. The term "demiboy" incorporates the prefix "demi-" to express a nuanced and incomplete connection to masculinity. This identity recognizes the complexity of gender, indicating that while demiboy individuals may feel a connection to boyhood or aspects of masculinity, their gender experience is intricate and doesn't conform entirely to traditional definitions. Respecting and validating demiboy identities is essential, acknowledging the diverse and evolving nature of gender expressions within the non-binary spectrum.