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Welcome to our aromantic pride collection, where every piece resonates with the vibrant hues of the aromantic flag. Explore our range of shirts, pride parade outfits, and merch. Embrace your authentic self with clothes that speaks to the essence of aromantic identity. Extend the celebration to your devices or living space with unique phone cases and home decoration. 

What is the meaning of 'aromantic'?

In the LGBTQ+ community, "aromantic" (short: aro) is a term used to describe individuals who experience little to no romantic attraction to others. They may lack the desire for romantic relationships or may experience romantic feelings infrequently or in a way that differs from societal norms.

Key aspects of aromantic identity include:

  1. Absence of Romantic Attraction: They do not feel a significant desire for romantic relationships. This doesn't mean they lack close, meaningful connections with others, but the romantic aspect of relationships is not a primary focus.

  2. Spectrum of Aromanticism: Aromanticism exists on a spectrum, and individuals may identify as fully aromantic or somewhere along the spectrum. Some may experience romantic attraction infrequently, while others may not experience it at all.

  3. Platonic Relationships: They may prioritise and value platonic relationships, friendships, and other non-romantic connections. These relationships can be just as deep and fulfilling as romantic ones.

  4. Self-Identification: They may use terms like "aromantic" or "aro" to describe their identity. Self-identification is crucial, and individuals may choose the label that best reflects their experience.

Understanding and acknowledging aromantic identities contribute to a more inclusive and affirming environment within the LGBTQ+ community. It is important to respect individuals' unique experiences of attraction and recognise the diversity of romantic and non-romantic orientations within the community.