Collection: Femboy

Femboy pride clothing & accessories

Step into a realm of female pride with our femboy collection. Uncover a fusion of cute outfits, plus-size fashion and merch that celebrate the vibrancy of femboy identity. From bold clothes and expressive shirts to personalized phone cases, watch bands and unique home decor, each piece adorned with the femboy flag. 

What is the meaning of 'femboy'?

In the LGBTQ+ community, a "femboy" (also: femboi) refers to an individual, typically assigned male at birth, who embraces and expresses feminine qualities in terms of appearance, behavior, or clothing. They challenge traditional gender norms by adopting styles traditionally associated with femininity, such as wearing makeup, skirts, or other clothing items considered feminine. It's a form of gender expression where individuals celebrate and express their femininity while maintaining a male gender identity. The term is self-identified and allows for a range of individual expression, recognising that each person may interpret and embody femininity in their own unique way. They may find acceptance and community within LGBTQ+ spaces that celebrate diverse expressions of gender. It's important to note that being a femboy is primarily related to gender expression and presentation rather than gender identity, and femboys may identify as male, non-binary, or with any other gender identity. Respecting and understanding the choices and identities of femboys contribute to fostering inclusivity and embracing a more expansive understanding of gender expression within the LGBTQ+ community.