Collection: Pride blankets

LGBTQ blankets | Pride home decor

Introducing our pride throw blankets collection – a celebration of love and gender inclusivity in the realm of home decor. Elevate your space with these cozy decoration essentials, thoughtfully designed to decorate your home with pride. Each blanket is not just a soft and warm accessory; it's a symbol of acceptance, adorned with pride flags that amplify the spirit of diversity.

Crafted for more than just comfort, they are a statement in interior design, creating a house that reflects your commitment to the LGBT community. Whether you drape them over your sofa, bed or favourite armchair, they transform every corner into a welcoming sanctuary.

They become a representation of your values, creating an environment that proudly radiates a warm place for all.

We have them for the transgender, pansexual, bisexual, nonbinary, gay mlm, lesbian, sapphic, aromantic, agender, aroace, asexual, demigirl, demiboy, puppy pride, bear pride, leather pride, swingers, polyamory, omnisexual,